For The Public

The following are public works that I have created and co-created.

Why Manifesto

Why Manifesto was an online, living document created in 2017 in collaboration with the Basement. Artists led discussions in person and online contributing over ten week to discuss in depth issues pertaining to the lack of advocacy around art and artists in Aotearoa.

Click here to read the final manifesto and the accompanying research.

The Review Project


On the West End or Broadway a show can close overnight after a bad review, such is the perceived value of good or bad press. The reviewer is given the role of the expert to cast opinion or to judge the skill on what we might otherwise look at with untrained eyes.

And yet, aren’t we all experts of sorts? How would a lawyer view Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe, for example? How much would a cleaner quote to clean up after each night of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert? What more hidden information could we find if we treated all members of the audience as the experts in the room?

For the 2014 season of LIES and What Have You Done To Me? at the Basement we invited a diverse group of specialists to view the works and review them from within their field.

Click Here to read the 30+ reviews from experts of all kinds!

Feasting House: The Festival Of Uncertainty

If excellence, market value and profile were set aside and money were not an issue,what else might be possible? What projects might emerge and where could art go?

Feasting House sought projects that foster art as an activity of radical uncertainty.

This was a platform for the entirely unachievable, non viable projects and career death experiments. Art that slips by, that fails to eventuate that lacks quality or craft, that is impossible to find, that plays out in isolation, or in a social crowd; ideas, sketches, hopes, obsessions, all as simply a process of continued and unstoppable practice.

All were invited to help shape the questions, build(or dismantle) the programme in expression of that which cannot be sold, reasserting disruption, risk, boredom and spontaneous collective action.

In March 2014 Feasting House are hosted a four day event. Projects of all descriptions were invited. They may have been simply a proposition, or an action, a theoretical hunch or publication. All media and disciplines welcome.

Click Here for info, Here for some images and Here for a beautiful summary from Raewyn Alexander.

The Magnificent Western Park Open

The Magnificent Western Park Open was commissioned by Art In the Dark in 2014.

It surrounds a working tennis court with a gigantic shadow wall. Borrow a racquet from the DJ booth and trigger a random selection of sounds and stings each time you hit the ball. Take a court side stance to support your friends and be seduced by the music. Make a shadow dance, watch the game. The rules are bound only by your imagination and a willingness to play along.

Click Here for images and information on The Magnificent Western Park Open.

The Wailing Chamber

The Wailing Chamber is an interactive performance for public places combining music, ceremony, group catharsis and spectacle. 

Four larger than life masked characters, The Mourners, with ‘the saddest faces known to mankind’ welcome the public to grieve with them in a makeshift communal chamber where the ocular oracle (a gigantic eye) hears their grief and releases their sorrow through the shedding of a tear. 

The public are invited to write their sadness down on a piece of paper and pass it through the cracks of the purpose-made performance structure so that their sorrows may be expunged. 

The Wailing Chamber is a light hearted and emotionally liberating ‘public space’ performance. The experienced team of performers beguilingly lead the public into voicing their sorrows in a safe and communal way, with tuneful cries of sorrow characteristically followed by wails of laughter.

Click Here for more stuff about The Wailing Chamber.

Intimate Questions 2

IQ2 or Intimate Questions 2 is an inter-active group questionnaire and public choreography using wireless headphones. Participants answer a series of questions with simple movements creating a sort of human pie chart of the personal, moral, and futuristic statistics of the group. 

It’s a public and private personality test – private because the public don’t know what the performers are listening to and public on because the performers are publicly answering private questions about their lives.

Click Here for more info on Intimate Questions 2.

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