Power Ballad

Power Ballad is a deconstruction and undoing of patriarchal and colonial constructs in language using a vocal effects pedal, a microphone and 80’s karaoke.

Created by Julia Croft and Nisha Madhan with dramaturgy from Kate Prior

“I am looking for a language which exists outside the patriarchal definitions. Of course that is not possible. But who is any longer interested in the possible”- Kathy Acker

Power Ballad is an investigation of language, the hidden ideologies and power dynamics hidden within it, and an attempt to find a new language of pleasure, anger and femaleness. Part performance lecture, part karaoke party featuring a mighty loud 80s power ballad karaoke sing-a-long, including the full synth beauty of Pat Benatar, Patti Smith and Annie Lennox.

A Live Art theatrical solo performance that has played to massive critical and audience acclaim in New Zealand and as part of the Summerhall programme at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where is was shortlisted for the prestigious Total Theatre Award for best emerging artists/company.

“A brilliant mash-up of flesh, sonics and text…Many shows lay claim to gender fluidity, but this is the real deal: othering, teasing, provoking. The tone moves between hysteria and terror, joy and despair.“ – The List, Edinburgh

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