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Here is a collection of talks, podcast and audio experiences I have created, co created or convened.


Part of Rosabel Tan’s Constellations Series for the Auckland Writer’s Festival 2022.

Three writers crafting work for stage and screen discuss writing themselves into their projects for an audience beyond their own community (or in some cases, refusing that entirely), and the mistakes, compromises and wins along the way. They share their secret tactics for creativity, collaboration and care in the writers room, and reflect on the big conversations our next generation is having. Join writer, director and producer Nahyeon Lee, whose new play The First Prime-Time Asian Sitcom premieres at Silo Theatre this year; comedian and creator of Raised by Refugees Pax Assadi; and novelist and Aroha Bridge writer Coco Solid (aka Jessica Hansell) in conversation with Nisha Madhan.

Listen Here.


Episodes hosted for Basement Theatre’s ‘Disruptors’ Podcast, some live, some pre recorded. Conversations at the very heart of making art in Tāmaki Makaurau.

Disruptors 8 – The Awkward Relationship Between Art and Money – In conversation with Chloe Swarbick, Huia O’Sullivan and Tim Swann.

Disruptors 7 – As Pacific Artists, Our Very Existence is Activism – In conversation with Moe Laga and James Nokise.

Disruptors 5 – The Art of Coping and Monetising Grief – In conversation withMohammed Hassan, Mya Morrison Middleton and Mazbou Q


Live panel discussions convened for Basement Theatre’s Unseen Unsaid, series of difficult conversations in the art world.

Unseen Unsaid – Art & Protest – In conversation with Logan Collis, Mahalete Tekest and Lofa Totua.

Unseen Unsaid – The Future is Intersectional: Your Feminism is Killing Me – In conversation with Sariad De Silva and Josephine Stewart-Tewhiu


A series of classic post show Q&A’s with artists dear the the Basement Theatre Community.

Standard Acts – How to get away with an act of Live Art – with Karen McKraken and Arlo Gibson

45c an Hour – How to survive class politics through art and prescription meds – with Dominic Hoey

First World Problems 3.0 – How to disrupt the art world through community – with Prayas Theatre Company


Born Under a Bad Star, in collaboration with Frances Libeau part of the Artist in Residence series produced by Pantograph Punch.

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